Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Year That Was

I can’t believe that it is now 2014.  Where did the last year go?  Not only that, where did my Christmas break go?  Yes, I’m back to work tomorrow.

I didn’t think that we had done a great deal during 2013.  Life seemed to jump all over the place and we always seemed to be flat out.  However, when I started looking back through my photos we had reason to feel busy.  We had, in fact done quite a lot.  Unfortunately, a lot of it didn’t get blogged, so I will do a summary of monthly collages and then a quick catch up post.  If I don’t do that now, I won’t ever have the record, and when you get down to it, that is the primary reason for my blog, a journal of our day to day doings.


January 2013 Collage

Our cactus flowered, we had a few days away, travelling to Victoria to collect a new canopy for Mick’s ute, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at our local cafe, we participated in Australia Day festivities and I made a couple of thread catchers and a shoe bag.


February 2013 Collage 

We attended the Bathurst and Newbridge Swap Meets, picked our plums, I refurbished a chest of drawers, cleaned out our linen press, we attended the Orange Classic Bike Rally and I made a bag.


March 2013 Collage

We attended Cumnock Show and continued on to have a nice ride around the central west and I attended Nundle, visiting Ratters Flat and enjoying nibbles on the lawn.  I made a scissor keep for the swap.


April 2013 at Home Collage

Our garden put on its last show before the cold set in, cockies visited our chook yard, I received my sweet scissor keep from the Nundle Swap and we visited the Bathurst Show.

April 2013 Holiday Part 1 Collage

We headed off to the Ulysses AGM at Maryborough, travelling through the New England which looked a picture, camped along with heaps of others at the AGM site, visited Hervey Bay and went on a day trip to Fraser Island.

April 2013 Holiday Part 2 Collage

We visited the lovely town of Childers, took part in the big AGM Grand Parade, saw a cute dragonfly and kookaburras, met Kris from Tagalong Teddies, Mick learned to play croquet, we spent time with my aunt and uncle, saw the bush fire grounds and attended the Anzac Day service at Coonabarabran.


May 2013 Collage

We hosted the Bathurst Gold Country Car Rally and kangaroos visited our garden.


June 2013 Collage

Mick restored an old wash stand, I made placemats, we went on our annual Winters Solstice ride, visited the Speedway museum, my Mum was presented with a posthumous award for my Uncle serving for 70 years in the RFS, we had a stunning sunset and I played in the kitchen.


July 2013 Collage

We had some big frosts, I played in the kitchen some more, I travelled to Cassilis to spend a lovely day with these ladies, I visited the “After Five” exhibition at the local art gallery, the wattle started to bud up, another lovely sunset, and I finished the pincushion.


August 2013 IOM Part 1 Collage

We visited the Isle of Man, playing the tourist and spending time with Loulee.

August 2013 IOM Part 2 Collage

More playing the tourist, visiting the Patchwork Cafe and meeting up with some chooks, more time with Loulee and seeing the largest sailing vessel in the world.

August 2013 IOM Part 3 Collage

The reasons we went to the Isle of Man was to see the racing, and continue to play the tourist, along with a bit of being a groupie with the famous riders.


September 2013 Collage

Our wattle was in full bloom and the garden put on a display, some lovely birds started to visit us, and the chooks laid plenty of eggs, we also attended the Sidecar Rally on the Bridle Track.


October 2013 Collage

There were bush fires in the area, we visited the Canowindra Airing of Quilts on our way to Albert, a friend and I visited the open gardens and another friend and I held a market stall, Mick and I had long distance “Drought Drinks” with Chookyblue and I made a little thread catcher.


November 2013 Collage 

We attended the long track bike races at Blayney, I explored the Blast Furnace Park at Lithgow, a rather tasty bike turned up at the Car Club rego day, I enjoyed catching up with everyone at the blog meet at Bathurst and made a wash cloth for the swap, Mick and I attended the Motorcycle Expo in Sydney and I made gifts for the SSCS and for Lou.


December 2013 Collage

I received a lovely ornament in the SSCS, we attended the Day on the O’Connell Green, the vineyard next door looked lovely in the morning light, Joey felt the heat and had to find the coolest spot in the garden, Christmas came along and I received some lovely gifts.

Now for 2014.  What will it bring?  Well, I’ll reveal all very soon.  It will be a very busy and eventful year for us.  One thing I know for sure, I want to be better at blogging than I was in 2013.  I seemed to be playing catch up all the time, so next year I at least want to be up to date.

It will be interesting to look back at this year in twelve months time.

Bring it on.


Susan said...

A fantastic record of your year.lots of fun and interesting outings. I'm intrigued by what you're going to reveal!

loulee said...

Phew! Busy, busy, busy.

Chookyblue...... said...

you did heaps..........heaps and heaps.......I recognised the drought drinks pic......
I know 2014 is going to be huge for you but wonderful.......looking forward t catching up......